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Personal Wellness

Essential Questions & Enduring Understandings

*These resources are primarily for Grades 6-12. If you are looking for Elementary resources, they are on the Elementary page. 

  • How does personal wellness weave together physical, intellectual, social/emotional and community components into a balanced pattern of connectedness.  

  • How does the K`e’ model provide you another perspective in learning a new concept?

  • How do you take care of your sacred self through the strengthening of your wellness?

  • The four components of the wellness wheel

  • The K`e’ model

  • Food Sovereignty

  • Body Sovereignty

  • Indigenous Athleticism

  • Land and Culture-based Healing  

Whisper (Girls' Personal Wellness) and Maȟpíya (Boys' Group) share their stories and speak to how vital and urgent is is for schools to support the "whole" student and the various roles people take as part of the school community. 

Curricula and Lesson Plans
Example School UbDs & Resources
Yearlong, Unit, and Lesson Plans
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