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  • How can I use research to improve the quality of life of my community?

  • What do I want to know, learn, or understand and how do inquire and search for this knowledge?

  • What is the ideal purpose of American Government?

  • How does a Government Policy affect me?

  • What are the functions of American Government?

  • How can I utilize Western education and Indigenous methodology to thrive as an Indigenous person in America?

  • How does the Indigenous perspective help us understand Indigenous people today?


  • Which parts of history and in books that include ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, “I’ actually include indigenous peoples?

  • As a NACA student, what can I  do I strengthen my voice and presence through writing?

  • How can we reclaim our history, geography, music, poetry, art, and other aspects of culture and incorporate them in our education at NACA?

  • What is culture?

  • How do I express my culture?

  • What is the culture of New Mexico?

  • Does culture change?

Indigenous  Humanities

Additional Resources

*These resources are primarily for Grades 6-12. If you are looking for Elementary resources, they are on the Elementary page. 

Essential Questions & Enduring Understandings
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