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College Engagement

Essential Questions & Enduring Understandings

*These resources are primarily for Grades 6-12. If you are looking for Elementary resources, they are on the Elementary page. 

  • With strategic guidance, opportunities and tools, all students can map and journey hopeful post-secondary paths.

  • Collaboration is essential to creating and implementing a strategic,effective and culturally honoring College and Career Pathways program.  
  • Communities hold essential resources and wisdom when it comes to ensuring that youth strive and succeed beyond high school.
  • Consistent, constructive communication within and between schools, higher education institutions and community organizations fosters essential insight, cohesion and growth on behalf of the students we seek to serve.
  • Identifying, training and supporting new C&CP mentors is essential when it comes to ensuring a sustainable C&CP model.
  • Does the College & Career Pathways program support and honor identity and community?
  • What is the connection between my higher education and the wellness of my community?
  • How do perseverance and organization strengthen my ability to succeed and give back to my community and lands?
  • How do I attend college and achieve my dreams, while remaining connected to my identity, community and lands?

College Engagement team and NACA Alum speak to the importance of maximizing opportunities for students and supporting them to and through college.

College Plaza Feature, Resources and Opportunities
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